Creative therapeutic children's books

About Kixel Publishing

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Kixel Publishing specialises in producing therapeutic children’s books that serve as a tool to help children be more positive and learn to deal with their emotions, which so many children can find challenging.

Kixel Publishing has a wealth of design and print knowledge and offers authors an easy way to publish via a creative service, including layout and cover design, and illustration.


It takes great courage to write great books. Find your courage and find your voice.

Kristen Lamb

Kixel Publishing can help make your book dreams a reality. Using Amazon’s CreateSpace platform or using independent printers, Kixel Publishing can fulfil your publishing requirements from start to finish.

Kixel Publishing has over 25 years of print and graphic design experience and can help with design, layout, illustrations or CreateSpace submissions.

With my pictures, what I hope is that it encourages the reader to imagine more pictures of his own.

Quentin Blake

Kixel Publishing can offer character creation to entire bespoke picture book illustrations. Originality and appeal are key.

With an emphasis on storytelling and emotion, Kixel Publishing can really bring stories to life.

You can’t judge a book by it’s cover but you can sure sell a bunch of books if you have a good one.

Jayce O'Neal

It’s essential to have your book cover designed professionally. Kixel Publishing can bring your cover ideas to life.

The main goal of every book cover is to generate excitement. Your cover is your best marketing tool.